Croft Primary School

Croft Primary School is supporting Send My Friend To School. Please help us raise awareness by  telling your family and your friends about this terrible happening. Our school is very passionate about helping to get most of the 58 million children that don't go to school an education. Please look below to find out more infomation about what Send My Friend To School is.

58 million children in the world are not allowed to go to school. This is because they're either Girls, Poor, Disabled or War is going on in their country.  Roz is an 11 year old boy and really wants to go to school but he has to stay and help with the farm work. As Roz gets older he won't be able to read or write or even do simple maths sums.Sefiyat and her family hope 2015 will be the year when a bridge is built between their home and school. At present, it is too dangerous for Sefiyat to cross the river near to where she lives in central Nigeria. A bridge will make it possible for ten-year-old Sefiyat to go to school and work towards her dream of becoming a community leader.  Sometimes you wake up and think ' I wish I didn't go to school' Well many children in places like Nigeria and co, would given anything to have an education and get a good job. If you're lucky and your sister or brother went to school and you couldn't they might come home and teach you what they learnt but that is very rare. Go to the next page to read some more stories.